Summerland Tour at Comerica Theatre, 7/3/12

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The Gin Blossoms' set was pretty heavy on New Miserable Experience, which was a good thing, so fans could sing along. Robin Wilson high-fived audience members as he took the stage and tore into "Follow You Down." He gave a few girls tambourines, took a swing of a beer, and did some more high fiving throughout the set. He looked truly stoked to be on stage back in Phoenix, as he talked about how he spent his very busy day, including a trip to Chandler Skate Park, Restaurant Mexico, and some water skiing at Saguaro Lake.

Guitarist Jesse Valenzuela said, "You know you're playing your hometown crowd when your mother and your dentist are here," while the rest of the band talked about the party they were going to have backstage. The band closed out with "Hey Jealousy" as Wilson jumped over the guard-rail to wade in the crowd.

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Melissa Fossum
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