Suzy Homewrecker and Noiz.Fkr Bring Vintage Punk Vinyl to The Rogue Bar Tonight

It's been a couple weeks since Edward Snowden ratted out the National Security Agency, and most of America's still in a major twist over said revelations of government's Orwellian-style surveillance tactics. And maybe in the mood to riot, stage a few protests, or -- at the very least -- preach the tenets of revolution and rebellion. In other words, the same sort of sentiments found in punk rock, a genre that's personified rebellion and rancor throughout its history.

Anti-authoritarian and anti-establishment anthems and seem an especially apt soundtrack for the current zeitgeist, which is why Suzy Homewrecker probably couldn't have picked a better time to stage her Punk on Vinyl party than tonight at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale.

The local scarlet-haired fetish model -- a onetime teenage skate punk who rocked out to the likes of the Ramones and Rancid -- will spend tonight spinning up some of the greatest records from the genre inside the Scottsdale dive bar and rock venue along with fellow lifelong punk fan Noiz.Fkr.

"I'm doing it because I love punk and love vinyl. It was the first scene I got into," Homewrecker says of her formative years as a skate brat in Casa Grande. "I grew up in a small town. We were all skaters in a town with no skate park and no legit mall. We created our own scene."

She also attended plenty of gigs in those days at some of the Valley's more iconic punk venues of the past (most of which have long since perished) as well as show by Phoenix bands that were down to travel to her neck of the woods.

"My first show was NOFX in 1995 at the Party Gardens. I got hit over the head with a beer bottle. It smashed and I was covered in beer [and] everyone left the show embedded in mud," Homewrecker says. "Plinko and Jedi 5 came to Casa Grande to play desert parties with Small Appliances (who later became Parkway Wretch). That was the beginning of years of going to shows at The Nile, Boston's, Nita's Hideaway, and Jugheads."

Homewrecker and Noiz.Fkr hopes to recreate some of the vibe of said shows tonight at the Rogue during the Punk on Vinyl event, as well as take those in attendance through a time warp.

The pair will dig up 12-inch vinyl versions of classic punk albums "in their purest form" from legendary banks like the Dwarves, Propagandhi, NOFX, The Exploited, and D.O.A. for those eager to "cry havoc and give the finger to authority" all evening.

"I wanted to do a night to bring out 20-, 30-, and 40-something-year-olds to time travel for a night in the nostalgia via 12-inch wax," she says.

First she had to round up the wax, however. Good thing that both her friends and Noiz.Fkr both had serious caches of punk vinyl.

"My personal record collection was lacking for a full night," she says "I called my friend Corey Busboom, who owns well over 3,000 records. We dug through his dusty collection in his basement. I knew Noiz.Fkr used to be a punk rocker in the '90s, so I asked him if he had any punk on vinyl as he did. Since then quite a few friends have come forward with excitement. 'I have tons of punk on vinyl! I have crates of records!'"

We'd like to request the Dead Kennedy's "I Am the Owl," which, despite being written three decades ago, seems pretty damn fitting these days. The event starts at 10 p.m. Admission is $2.

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