T-Pain to Offer Free DJ Gig at Marquee Theatre on Saturday (But Only for College Kids)

Don't be alarmed if you hear the sound of irritated groaning emanating from the campuses of Arizona State University and other local institutions of higher learning this week, as it's merely the collective grumblings of students returning to class for the spring semester.

Southern rapper T-Pain will offer an ease to the, uh...pain, as he'll be staging a free DJ set for Valley college kids on Saturday at the Marquee Theatre.

It's part of the Textbook and Tickets Tour, which will feature the Cash Money superstar on the one's and two's during a gig that's only open to college students. There's been no word on what exactly T-Pain will be spinning during his session, but we're guessing it will involve auto-tune and hip-hop in some fashion.

Admission for the event is free, but getting access the gig involves a bit of rigmarole. The Textbooks and Tickets site states that those interested in attending will have to send in the name of their particular school via text message in order to claim their respective ticket.

There's been no indication of when and where the claiming will take place, or if school IDs will be checked. (In other words, if you're young-looking and wear a Sun Devil sweatshirt, you'll just might be able to get inside).

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