Darkness Dear Boy
Darkness Dear Boy
Melissa Fossum

Take Cover: Darkness Dear Boy Covers Fugazi

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It's usually a safe bet to cover an artist that influenced a band's sound, so Darkness Dear Boy opted for some Fugazi.

"I'd say we're rock, reggae, punk, and a little honky tonk. With Fugazi, you've got the punk and rock," says singer/guitarist Ted Organ.

"I don't think you really hear it -- it's kind of an obscure cover," says bassist Chase Lechner.

It's somewhat rare for Darkness Dear Boy to play the song, as well. The band re-learned "Waiting Room" just for Take Cover.

"It's the longest I've ever done anything continuously. There's a great scene going on down at Long Wong's. We're just happy to be part of it -- a lot of good bands, great community. I feel like, the whole Tempe music scene passes through Long Wong's," says Organ.

Darkness Dear Boy performs every Wednesday night at Long Wong's at the Firehouse

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