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Teen Guitar God-In-Training Yayo Comes To The Blooze Bar

Guitar phenom Yayo Sanchez, 16, will play The Blooze Bar Saturday. The Austin, Texas native has been playing clubs since he was 14, and has opened for Quiet Riot, L.A. Guns and Dirty Penny. He tends to sound like a mix of all of them, with a little Slash thrown in.

Longtime Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, who plays bass behind Yayo, says: "Don't be fooled by Yayo's age or size. This powerhouse of an artist has the chops, the energy, the talent and the balls of a man. This young monster plays from the heart and will blow up your brain with his catchy songs and playing. Yayo rules!" For a kid who has yet to take the wheel, Yayo's ride has been wonderfully wild ... and the road ahead remains wide open."

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Martin Cizmar
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