Ten Songs to Help Cope With Coachellaitis

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The Draft- Lo Zee Rose "Getting real sick of getting used to this, you know." This song is about being broke, though we can relate to spending way too much money at Coachella and getting sick later.

Against Me!- Scream Until You're Coughing Up Blood I didn't think it was possible to completely lose your voice until I saw Kid Dynamite. I was dealing with the same nasal cold crap and sang along in spite of my voice cracking, until it got to the point where I couldn't speak at all. Coughing up blood seems like it would be the next step.

The Damned- Sick of Being Sick "I'd better kick some ass, get out real fast." Ever since I had my first deep, barking cough at the festival, I was sick of being sick. At least now that I'm home, I can grab some cough drops and actually get some rest.

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Melissa Fossum
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