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The 10 Best Phoenix Bands Under 21

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Aaron Hjalmarson: Aaron Hjalmarson's drums always blend seamlessly into the music, which is probably why he's the main percussionist for four bands as well as a regular collaborator with Phoenicians like Emby Alexander. Hjalmarson turned 21 on October 31, just after opening for The Meat Puppets with The Haymarket Squares, so he won't be making this list again. If things keep going this way, he probably won't mind.

Aydin Immortal of Wolvves: The rest of Wolvves is now of age, but Aydin Immortal is still not quite "having too much fun" legally. That's irrelevant to this 20-year old punk, whose attitude is a match for his music. When asked for an interview Immortal set his terms and was unwilling to budge, because--well, Wolvves is going to sound good regardless. Playing backyard house shows and dates at the Crescent alike, Wolvves is a punk band to look out for; Immortal is a force in the Phoenix music scene that is going to be felt in a big way.

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