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The 30 Best Concerts in September

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In case you hadn't heard, the three-day festival at Tempe Beach Park will offer up a weekend filled with performances by a horde of rock and pop greats, including The Replacements, Violent Femmes Descendents, Taking Back Sunday, Foster the People, and O.A.R., amongst others.

September's concertgoing options in the Valley are much the same, as we're willing to guarantee that there are at least one or two bands or artists that you're up for watching live, whether it's the rock 'n' roll weirdness of Bob Log III, the utter popdom of Katy Perry, the hip-hop grandeur of Lil Wayne and Drake, or the globe-trotting sounds of such acts as Dengue Fever or Salif Keita.

In fact, there's so much to see (as our constantly updated online concert calendar will demonstrate) that we're highlighting 30 shows worth attending, instead of the normal 25.

Bob Log III - Friday, September 5 - Crescent Ballroom

Bob Log III is a self-described one-man guitar party who churns out Delta blues on a vintage archtop guitar while playing drums with his feet and singing into an old black telephone handset glued to the glittery silver crash helmet that obscures his face. When the famed lowbrow and lo-fi Tucson rocker starts playing, thumping a bass drum with his right foot and a cymbal and tambourine taped to the floor with his left, the beat threatens to drown out his breakneck slide guitar licks and distorted, blues-howl vocals.

One of Log's most famous numbers is "Boob Scotch," titled as such because it's the one during which he encourages young ladies in the audience to, um...dip their boobs into his Scotch. Another of his most famous numbers is "I Want Your Shit on My Leg" because it's the one during which he invites young ladies to bounce on his knees as he hits his drums. That one tends to cause a ruckus whenever its performed, as multiple women typicall rush the stage to jockeyed for position on Log's shaky knees. -- Andy Hermann

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