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The 30 Best Concerts in September

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Marco Antonio Solis - Friday, September 19 - US Airways Center

Exactly what caliber of musical success does it take to single-handedly headline the US Airways Center, a massive venue with more then 19,000 seats? It takes someone like Marco Antonio Solis, the Mexican crooner, songwriter and producer, who has enjoyed a gilded stream of mega-stardom since his debut into the Latin music scene back in the '70s with his band, Los Bukis.

A solo star since 1995, he's dominated the Latin music charts, received a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, won the judge's competition on Mexico's version of The VoiceGracias Por Estar Aquí, which just seem to automatically release at the number one spot. All in a day's work, right? -- Erin DeWitt

Cedric Gervais - Friday, September 19 - Maya Day & Nightclub

Remember that whole to-do that Madonna got into a few years back over the whole "Molly" thing at Ultra Music Festival in Miami? Well, it was the Cedric Gervais-produced single of the same name that wound up at the center of that particular controversy, as the pop star later claimed that the alleged reference to MDMA was actually a reference to a track. Drama aside, it might be Gervais' biggest claim to fame but it isn't his only one as the 35-year-old has led a storied career on the club circuit. Raised in France and now based in Miami, Cedric Gervais racked up a string of impressive credits while still a teenager. He's more than capable of throwing out his share of festival jams, but his greatest strength is exploring the deep, pulsating house rhythms that make his music a real treat. -- Liz Ohanesian

David Bromberg - Friday, September 19 - MIM Music Theater

David Bromberg's eclectic musical expertise is rooted in the sounds of America. Since the 1960s, the singer and guitarist has drawn from a palette of influences, from bluegrass to ragtime, from country blues to New Orleans jazz. Taking lessons from the legendary Reverend Gary Davis as a Columbia student in the 1960s, Bromberg, due in town in late September for a solo gig at the Musical Instrument Museum, went on to create a sound that was both distinctive and familiar. On recordings released during the 1970s, Bromberg combined the familiar elements of roots music with his own fresh take on the genres. -- A.H. Goldstein

The Aquabats - Saturday, September 20 - Marquee Theatre

The Aquabats are 20 this year. If that sounds crazy to you, imagine what that means to the band members: That's two decades of tights-wearing, gravity-defying, villain-fighting, ska-playing shenanigans onstage. Led by MC Bat Commander and backed by Crash McLarson, Jimmy the Robot, Ricky Fitness and Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk, the superteam never really planned on staying together for this long. And yet here they are, middle-aged men in superhero costumes, entertaining kids and kids at heart everywhere. Guess the old adage is true: Time does fly when you're having fun.

The indefatigable MC Bat Commander (Christian Jacobs to you noobs) -- lover of fast food, sporter of black, obsidian tooth and curly, drawn-on mustache -- is pretty matter-of-fact about it. "We've never had any ambition to be a band; we were just having fun," he says. "It's pretty ridiculous and very absurd that we've been able to do this for 20 years. But...pretty cool, too." -- Lilledeshan Bose

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