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The 30 Best Concerts in September

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ODESZA - Tuesday, September 23 - Crescent Ballroom

ODESZA is part of a group of Seattle bands leading a small, pretty-sounding revolution against the EDM bangers that have dominated the dance music scene for the past few years. The duo's glitchy electro-pop goes down like candy for breakfast, the type of music you can move to all night long and still come down to in the morning. ODESZA's irresistibly groove-inducing reputation has been selling out shows across the country, so be sure to catch them when they bring their gorgeous sound and light show to the Crescent's main room. -- Harley Oliver Brown

Foxygen - Wednesday, September 24 - Crescent Ballroom

Foxygen make magic as much as they make music, a phenomenon captured on their ferociously charismatic (and aptly titled) 2013 album We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic. Somehow, they'd come up with their own take on the Stones' Their Satanic Majesties Request, but via Os Mutantes and Nikki Sudden and Jacobites' take on Satanic Majesties. We Are... is one of those records that will weather as much examination as you wanna give it -- sounds sweet on first listen, reveals ever more sophisticated iterations of quantum sweetness as you keep listening. And now Foxygen are teasing a positively acrobatic new double LP called ...And Star Power, which promises Bowie-ian (or Eno-esque) levels of conceptual mind-warping. -- Chris Ziegler

Drake & Lil Wayne - Thursday, September 25 - Ak-Chin Pavilion

After Jay Z and Beyoncé did not attend Kanye West's wedding to Kim Kardashian, rap fans put forward a theory that Yeezus is articulating his indignation by censoring Jay Z's name from his recent live performances. But weep not; they weren't even the biggest bromance in rap. That title surely belongs to Lil Wayne and Drake. These two are the Pitt and Clooney of the rap world. Moreover, Drake and Lil Wayne are bringing their heavyweight hip-hop hugfest to Phoenix's Ak-Chin Pavillion on September 25 as part of their 31-date jaunt across the United States.

This is no surprise for fans of the rap giants, who have openly and often expressed an admiration for each other. Drake waxes lyrical about Weezy every chance he gets, while you can guarantee that Lil Wayne has every season of Degrassi on box set. On their current tour together, according to a review on Rolling Stone's website, it seems the two get into a staged insult battle onstage. The crowd votes for the triumphant on a Drake-versus-Lil Wayne app. But the show, of course, ends in mutual bromantic accolades. -- Steve Brennan

Katy Perry - Thursday, September 25 - Arena

There are few things catchier than a Katy Perry song. Whether she's your #1 pop icon or you really can get enough of her, she dazzles her audience of millions with that vivacious yet lighthearted voice. Katy Perry has had nine #1 singles on the Hot Top 100 and her songs heard nearly every hour on the hour on FM radio's top stations, setting her above the bar as an iconic pop presence. In all likelihood, the show will 100 percent live up to the amazing, bedazzled, candy-land go live it up and, yes, dance until you die. -- Eleanor Lambert

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