The 30 Most Disturbing Songs of All Time

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14. Cannibal Corpse —  "I Cum Blood"
The song is gross. Like, disgustingly gross. Fortunately, you can't really understand a word he's saying unless you look up the lyrics. We don't recommend it.

13. Eminem (feat. Dido) —  "Stan"
"Stan" is an intense story of an overly obsessed and unhinged fan who eventually drunkenly kills himself along with his pregnant girlfriend. Despite being disturbing, or perhaps because it's disturbing, the song is nothing less than a masterpiece. Rolling Stone ranked it the 296th greatest song of all time and VH1 named it the 15th greatest hip-hop song of all time.

12. Lisa Germano — "A Psychopath"
The lyrics in and of themselves are pretty creepy: "I hear a scream. I see me scream. Is it from memory? Am I awake? Am I alone? When is it sunrise?" But far more than the lyrics, Germano's voice over the soft music gives us chills. Oh, and the song's use of actual audio from a 911 call by a woman being attacked by an intruder is pretty scary, too.

11. Esham —  "Nine Dead Bodies"

The 37-year-old Detroit rapper offers quite a few disturbing songs to choose from. "Nine Dead Bodies" is Esham's account of how he took nine lives. For example, his seventh and eighth victims "came like a double date. I stabbed 'em both in the heart with a wooden stake like the bitches was fuckin' vampires, lit the fuse, and set they souls on fire."

10. Big L. —  "Devil's Son"
The late Harlem legend knew how to tell stories over beats. In his vulgar and highly sacrilegious tale of being the Devil's son, Big L claims that "I'm a stone villain known for killing and raping nuns. Ayo, I even kill handicapped and crippled bitches. Look at my scalp real close and you'll see triple sixes."

9. Brotha Lynch Hung (feat. Tech N9ne) —  "ICU" 
Another one where we really don't recommend scrutinizing the lyrics.

8. Geto Boys —  "Assassins" 
In "Assassins," which has been called the first horrorcore rap song, the Geto Boys discuss holding up and eventually killing one of their teachers and cutting up a dead body with a chainsaw. They also used a machete to attack a woman: "I sliced her up until her guts were like spaghetti."

7. Necro —  "Dead Body Disposal" 
The Brooklyn rapper is preoccupied with death — his name is even taken from the Greek term for corpse or death. "Dead Body Disposal" is basically a graphic how-to guide for, well, dead body disposal.

6. Korn —  "Daddy" 
Just about every song by Korn is by default a little bit creepy, but "Daddy" takes the cake. The song tells the story of a father raping his son while his mother watches.

5. Brotha Lynch  Hung —  "Return of the Baby Killa"

Sacramento's Brotha Lynch Hung doesn't waste any time. The first 11 seconds feature some pretty disturbing stuff involving pistols and lady parts, and it gets worse from there.

4. Rob Zombie —  "House of 1000 Corpses"

When Rob Zombie isn't making metal music, he's making horror films. So obviously the guy earned his spot on this list. You know it's not gonna be a happy song when it starts with "She had a corpse under her bed. She had her fun, but now he's dead."

3. Polkadot Cadaver — "Chloroform Girl"
Despite the upbeat, cheery sound of it — or, really, partly because of it — this is a messed-up song. How so? Well, I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves on this one: "You're only alive because I like you / It's been 3 years since you've seen the sunlight, but I know you're having fun, bound, gagged, and chained up in my basement."

2. Eminem —  "Kim"
We've already seen that Eminem isn't exactly unfamiliar with disturbing songs, but this one is more messed up than all of his others combined. And, yes, it's yet another song about a brutally violent murder, but Em brings a particularly disturbing gleeful rage to the proceedings. Not exactly happily ever after.

1. Immortal Technique 
 Dance with the Devil

Arguably the most haunting story in all of hip-hop, "Dance with the Devil" tells one of the ugliest stories you'll ever hear — a story of robbery, violence, kidnapping, gang rape, incest, murder, suicide — in a beautifully powerful way, or, well, as beautifully as you could possibly tell a story like this. Immortal Tech ends the song by warning that "the dance with the devil might last you forever"; after listening to this song, it'll stay with you as well.

Editor's Note: This story first published on August 21, 2013, and was updated for publication on July 18, 2016.

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