The Best of SXSW Music: Thursday 3/15/2012

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Craig Hlavaty
Skrillex - The Main Of course the first thing I would have to immediately walk to after a stellar and draining Bruce Springsteen show would be the current King Of Dubstep and the Bizarro World Cobain that is Skrillex. I was in the badge line thirty seconds until a greasy haired dub moppet begged me to get her into the show, thinking I had an extra badge somehow. Inside the crowd was bathing in their own juices as Skrillex held court onstage with a good two dozen friends surrounding him. The audience was screaming for the drop like it was lifeblood, as I sat in the corner taking it all in. There was no moving, only slow sweating and tip-toeing around girls in sports bras and shirtless men writing on top of each other. You know, the usual. A lot of my peers in this business laugh Skrillex off as a dance fad king but there is something interesting going on that classical rock writing can't put a word to. For now, let's just wait....for....the.....DROP, and enjoy the ride. -- Craig Hlavaty

The Naked Cowboy Talks Politics Earlier in the week we looked down from the balcony of a Sixth Street bar, only to see someone dressed like the Naked Cowboy! Now, we'd seen a lot of folks working for tips looking hot and ridiculous, but this was extra special. "Great SXSW first night!" we tweeted. "Saw a naked cowboy impersonator." Low and behold, we quickly received a reply.

NakedCowboy screencap.jpg
Tomorrow? We did him once better and commenced the interview right then, over Twitter. Of course, we only had one question: "Who are you voting for?" His answer finally arrived two days later. We read it with great anticipation, but sadly it said exactly what we'd expected: "Anybody but Obama!" -- Ben Westhoff

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