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Soon, though, St. James will have to choose between his two contradictory roles. It was recently announced that KTAR and the two sister stations besides Power 92 would be acquired by Bonneville International Corporation, and Power 92 would be the only Emmis Communications radio station in town. It's a good thing Bonneville didn't snap up Power 92 also, or there likely would have been some serious changes -- Bonneville is a Utah-based firm owned by Deseret Management Corporation, which manages the for-profit businesses for the Mormon church. Not exactly a bitches-and-blunts sort of outfit.

"I'm at a crossroads, and I'll have to make some tough decisions soon," St. James told me. "I'm not ready to make that decision today. I love both of [the jobs]; the sale disappoints me from a selfish point of view."

After consideration, it disappoints me as well. St. James' divergent positions represent one of those only-in-the-'Nix singularities that make this desert metropolis such a stimulatingly weird place to live. I came away from the bull session feeling like New York Democratic Senator Charlie Rangel after a round with Sean Hannity -- the cracker's just plain wrong, but I'm not bummed he's around. Hell, if I had my way, I would put Bruce St. James Has Issues on Power 92 in the afternoon, and stick the Nuts on KTAR for a few hours each day, and broaden everyone's perspectives.

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