The Dap-Kings to Perform Special DJ Set at Stinkweeds on Friday

If you're familiar with the superb discography of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, it goes without saying that the nine talented musicians backing up the golden-voiced songstress are vastly steeped in the realms of R&B, soul, and funk. Depending on whom you ask, possessing immense knowledge of various genres is one of the more important traits shared by some of the better DJs around.

And this weekend, members of the Dap-Kings will show off said expertise at Stinkweeds Record Exchange during a special DJ session on Friday, March 21.

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Even before the formation the Dap-Kings in 1996, the nine different musicians who make up the ensemble -- including Binky Griptite, Bosco Mann, Neal Sugarman, Cochmea Gastelum, Joe Crispiano, and Fernando Velez -- have be devoted fans of rhythmic and soulful sounds, including accumulating a slew of classic platters. And they've parlayed that love into the Dap-King's ever-evolving sounds, which Jones discussed during a recent interview with Up On the Sun.

"Over the years after writing and the guys collecting classic (soul) 45s, the music kind of changed," Jones says. "Each time your influences are going to be a little different. This band has been together 19 years now, so we've changed over the years. We have a variety of sounds coming from the late '60s to the early '70s."

According to the Stinkweeds staff, several members of the Dap-Kings will stop by the store early Friday evening for a few hours before heading downtown to Heritage Square for their performance with Jones.

They'll be hanging out, meet-and-greet style, and spinning up "amazing stuff" from their label Daptone Records, as well as whatever gems they can score from the store's racks and bins. Maybe even some Afrobeat to boot. (All Daptone material will also be available for a 20 percent discount during their visit.)

Stinkweeds' owner Kimber Lanning says she feels honored that the band chose the store for the session. "Guess they're doing this all over the country and we are feeling lucky they picked us," she says.

The records start rolling at 6 p.m. Admission is free.

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