Joseph Genaro (a.k.a. Joe Jack Talcum) is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, February 2, at the Trunk Space.
Joseph Genaro (a.k.a. Joe Jack Talcum) is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, February 2, at the Trunk Space.

The Dead Milkmen's Joe Jack Talcum Visits Trunk Space on February 2

And while the "Punk Rock Girl" practitioners haven't graced the Valley with their presence as of yet, at least their lead singer will be doing so in about a month.

Joseph Genaro (otherwise known as Joe Jack Talcum, or even Butterfly Fairweather) has scheduled a February 2 performance at the Trunk Space in downtown Phoenix. Genaro will be doing a solo acoustic kinda thing, as he's touring in support of his latest recording efforts from earlier this year (Live in the Studio and the Acoustic Fury Records Split Series Vol. 4 with NYC's Ratboy). Of course, I've got my fingers crossed that he'll drop a Milkmen song or three into his set.

The concert will also feature a rather eclectic supporting line-up of indie musicians, including Pittsburgh hip-hopper Lord Grunge, Austin's DJ Jester the Filipino Fist, and the Las Vegas-based experimental electronica/power-pop group The Bassturd, as well as local folk-punks Andrew Jackson Jihad and Twilight tribute band The Cullens.

I'm sure the turnout will be a far sight better than the 10 people who showed when the Dead Milkmen played the old Mason Jar venue around 23 years ago in 1986. Here's an excerpt from their tour journal:

Back to the club at 10 or so. We avoid most of 'Terminally Strange'. Nobody is here (about 10 people). Apparently there was little promo and the place usually isn't open on Sundays. We decide to do a mega set considering it's technically the last show of the tour. 40 songs. We'll see if the crowd wants a break in the middle 20 songs in. We play and have a lot of fun. Crowd wants us to keep playing. We do a 10 minute intro to 'Bitchin' and the show is about 2 hours long. Loads of fun and the people that stayed - about 10, had a blast. Sold 5 T-Shirts. Talked, packed up and out by 1:30. to the "Kontiki Hotel". Check in and crash at 3AM.

Guess no one showed up for shows back then too. Genaro's upcoming show starts at 7 p.m. and admission is $6 in advance, $8 at the door.


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