The Devil Wears Prada's Andy Trick: "If You Don't Agree With Us, That's Cool"

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Up On The Sun talked with bassist Andy Trick about the concept behind 8:18, his favorite tracks off the album, and being ranked on the charts right behind Avenged Sevenfold.

So with the new album, how was the approach or concept different from Dead Throne? I look at the difference mostly in our writing process of the albums. I mean, they are different on many levels besides that too, though. With Dead Throne we started to separate and take time out, where we would write some songs and than sit on them, but primarily with 8:18 we were able to get together for like three weeks, write out like six or seven songs, and then schedule time to come back to them a couple months later and reevaluate them. We just really took our time on them.

So you guys were able to explore more technical aspects of the writing process then. Yeah, that's how I look at it. I mean, we've been a band now for over eight years and we know how to work with each other. We're just able to refine that now at this point.

What two tracks are you specifically excited about on 8:18? That's a tough one. I'm a huge huge fan of "First Sight," of course. I also really like "Black & Blue" and "8:18" even though it's a change of pace and new.

Why is "First Sight" one of your favorites? I just think it has a lot of parts that put forefront what The Devil Wears Prada is all about. Like, you hear it, and I'm all, "Yeah, that is what we are all about." We do what we wanna do and it's just aggressive and... I'm also partial because I love, very much love playing that live.

It's definitely an aggressive track. You know, the last time I talked with Jeremy [DePoyster, lead vocalist] was right before Dead Throne came out. He had said it was the band's most aggressive album to date. Do you feel like 8:18 raised the bar? I like to think so. I mean we always try to bring the bar up with every new album and I think we achieved that with 8:18.

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