The Maine, What Laura Says, NOFX, and More in This Week's Issue

What happens when a promising young pop band's album gets rejected by the major label they've signed a seven-album contract with? In the case of The Maine's Pioneer, the band says "screw it," and releases it anyway.

Of course, the story is more complicated than that, which singer John O'Callaghan and I discuss in this week's feature. Will the album further O'Callaghan's ambitions to walk in the footsteps of his heroes Tom Petty, Jack White, and Neil Young, or alienate the band's fans?

In a conversation with What Laura Says, we discuss the band's upcoming single, "Fire Ring b/w Weekend Habit." The song is a funky entry in the band's catalog, bathed in percolating organ and a steady clicking drum machine, inspired by the band's favorite album, There's a Riot Goin' On. Read the feature here, and listen to the song exclusively on Up on the Sun.

In Melissa Fossum's chat with NOFX's Fat Mike, he informs us of his thoughts on Phoenix ("worst city in the country"), performance art (passing out "piss" from the stage), and Occupy Wall Street ("Capitalism doesn't have to be 'fuck everybody else'"). Needless to say, the dude doesn't shy away from speaking his mind -- even if he comes off sounding like a dick.

We've also got show previews about Starfucker, AZ Local Rock Fest at Sail Inn, The Dirt Daubers, Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole, The Wailers Band, and The Main Street EDM Takeover.

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