The Most Anticipated Heavy Metal Releases of the Fall

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October, 2012:

HIM, XX - Two Decades of Love Metal

Beloved "love metal" band HIM --which started out as His Infernal Majesty before more widely adopting the acronym -- is the only Finnish metal band to earn a gold record in the USA. They are celebrating their 20-year career by releasing this compilation album, which will also include a new cover version of the song "Strange World," originally recorded in the '90s by Kevin Grivois (aka Ké).

Wednesday 13, Spook & Destroy

Wednesday 13 is one of my favorite rockers, for many reasons: He's such an enthusiast about old-school horror movies, characters, and culture, you can't help but to get excited right alongside with him. His side project with Joey Jordison, Murderdolls, is badass, and, when I last interviewed him two years ago, he was pure out of alcohol but offered me fresh-squeezed orange juice instead. Now, he's ready to raise hell again with an eight-track release featuring two new songs, an acoustic track and three live favorites that were re-recorded. He's even looking to release a brand new album in spring of 2013, so be prepared.

August Burns Red, August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin' Hill, A Holiday Album

I love holiday heavy metal jams, and August Burns Red has the right idea. The band has released a holiday cover song annually for the past four years, all included on this collection, which features new original songs as well. While they used some unexpected elements like banjo, violin, piano, and horns on the album, it still rocks with heavy metal intensity and some awesome shredding guitars. Listen to "Flurries" for a taste.

Stone Sour, House of Gold And Bones, Part 1

I've never been the biggest fan of Stone Sour, the mellower side project from Slipknot's Corey Taylor, but after talking with Taylor about the making of the new album I'm not only intrigued, but excited. According to him the riffs, lyrics, and the grooves are all amplified. (The cover looks pretty creepy and badass, too.) The album, one of two, is a linear story and according to Taylor it will take all 24 tracks to understand.

Cradle of Filth, The Manticore And Other Horrors

Lead singer Dani Filth says that the band's tenth album isn't fitting into the cliché of "our darkest, best or most hardest." He says the concept is more about a bunch of mini-satellites circling a much larger theme, one that focuses on the how monsters and demons enslave society.

Kiss, Monster

Kiss states that fans will get a different feel from the band with their new album, Monster, which will show "more feeling and less cocksmanship." We'll see about that. It took them several decades to realize that they can sing about feelings. Maybe they stopped getting laid?

Dethklok, Dethalabum III

Metalocalypse creator Brendan Small knows what the hell those fans love. Those cartoon metal gods, who believe "fishes don't gots no good metal to listen to," are awesome to listen to.

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