The Most Interesting Show in the World, Steamcroween and Fear Farm Over the Weekend

The Most Interesting Show in the World at Venue of Scottsdale Burlesque singer Melody Sweets, renowned contortionist Mei Ling and a dude shredding lettuce with a lawn mower balanced on his chin made the Venue of Scottsdale the home of the Most Interesting Show in the World on Friday, October 23, 2009...see photos

Steamcroween at Red Hot Robot Daniel Davis, the mind behind local Web comic Monster Commute, and the boys with toys at Red Hot Robot threw one hell of a party on Saturday, October 26, 2009. Steamcroween featured tons of costumes, Halloween treats and even a few tricks...see photos

Haunted House Review: Fear Farm Fear Farm was named this year's Best of Phoenix, and topped last year's reviews, for good reason. This massive four-part, mostly cornfield, haunt is the best (and, apparently, busiest) in the Valley...full story

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