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The Necronauts

Every college has its super-seniors: those students whose post-secondary studies exceed the bounds of the classic four-year plan. For some, the designation comes from partying too hard. For others, it's a result of pursuing their varied interests, credits toward a major be damned. For The Necronauts, super-seniors of the Valley's music scene, it's a little bit of both, but with laudable results. Their portfolio includes songs ranging from catchy, funk-tinged grooves to heavier, grunge-inflected rock, and from spacey melodic excursions to crunchy punk-dirtied tunes. After 10 years and a few lineup tweaks — the brotherly core of Billy Goodson on vocals/guitar and Dale Goodson on drums is joined by Christopher Warmth on bass — the band has built an impeccable rep locally. That is to say you're guaranteed an explosive ruckus. Four years in the making, Gauche et Droite, their latest release, is a double album with 40 tracks. The Necronauts' magnum opus gives equal shine to both peppy fare like "Ashes Over Idaho" and songs like "Procure," which starts out moody but quickly shifts to full-throttle rocking as Goodson's voice proves capably elastic enough to ramp up to bursting clamors. Catch them live and prepare to get schooled.
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Jose Gonzalez