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The Polyphonic Spree Returns to the Road with Yes, It's True

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"There was no pressure to go out there and make a record because we're on our own label -- which was good. It gave us time to regroup and jam together -- serious nightly all-night jams, just airing it out and reorganizing."

The long break also gave DeLaughter an opportunity to write songs and stockpile them. Having been written over a prolonged period, Yes, It's True has more ebb and flow than previous outings. There are heavy moments where electronica breaks to the surface, while other tracks are more restrained and pared down. The heavenly chorus and psychedelic effects remain, but the variety of styles makes this a different Polyphonic Spree.

"The previous records were written almost as concept records. I'd sit down and write a body of work for that particular record, so it would have that same sonic feel throughout. It was a conscious effort. There was a certain initiative to do the record that way," he says.

"What's good about this one is I got to write songs about where I was at that particular place and time and bring them all together. The hardest part is putting that much variety on a record and making it sound cohesive."

The changes work well.

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