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The Real Coachella - Trunk Space - 4/20/2013

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Serene wins the award for having the best song titles of the night, including, "If You Don't Want Me to Look at It, You Shouldn't Have Showed Me." Later, mid-performance, he said, "Who's ready for some Yacht Rock? I don't have a yacht, but I have a rock!"

Pen Island was a group of two rappers, whose most memorable moment of the night was one of their opening lines: "On the ride over here it said carpool lane, so I put on my swimming trunks." They were rapping while sipping energy drinks they would then spit into a blue bucket atop a table that stood in front of them as they performed.

One member wore four different cascading basketball shorts, with the price tags still attached. They later used those extra basketball shorts, which came off during the set, to clean up the remnants of sticky energy drink on the floor.

Glass Popcorn, the 15-year-old Internet sensation, used the Real Coachella to announce an apocalyptic end to his young hip-hop career: "This is probably my last show as Glass Popcorn."

Then he sang a song about Monster Energy, hamburgers, and Google Plus, and did a cover of Far East Movement, all while wearing a red robe and a black cap with flames. He worked the crowd with the same half-ironic phrases that appear in his songs: "Raise your hands if you like the Internet and don't put them down!"

As delays hit the show, his set had to be moved up earlier because he had to be home for his curfew. He jumped into the crowd and started a mosh pit that got a little out of control before disbanding again. As he was ending his set, he said, "Thank you, I'm sorry."

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