The Shapeshifters UK Headline Scottsdale's Cream Stereo Lounge Tomorrow

The British house duo of Simon Marlin and Max Reich (a.k.a. The Shapeshifters UK) have a busy itinerary planned for the summer. Besides jet-setting to the raucous Dance Island Festival in England and the trendsetting Pacha in Ibiza (natch), they're gracing the Valley with their presence tomorrow night with a gig at Scottsdale's Cream Stereo Lounge.

Marlin and Reich (who are also referred to as Shape:UK here in the states) will be guests of the lounge's Giant Wednesdays, which spun off of the popular L.A. club of the same name. The PHX's version has been equally well-attended since coming onto the scene back in February, and has given other local house nights a run for their money (we're looking in your direction, House 7340) by continually bringing in national and world-renowned talent like the 'Shifters. (It's also helping make Cream one of the premier discotheques in this 'berg, despite what a few haters might think).

The pair tend to move asses with a dub-heavy house mixes just as fiercely as it moves units. Tracks such as 2004's "Lola" burned up the dance charts in both the U.S. and U.K. and landed them remix work with Moby and Christina Aguilera.

Doors open up at 9 p.m. and admission is $10. DJ Tranzit and Curtis Matthews will also spin. Visit Giant Wednesday's MySpace for more info.

Give a look (and listen) to Simon and Max in action in their video for "Back to Basics," which was featured on the soundtrack for the Xbox game Juiced:

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