The Shrine: "No One Is Really Running Our Shit for Us"

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Landau runs Eliminator out of his parents' house, the entire operation taking over one corner of their Mar Vista home as Landau's friends and family drift in and out. Make no mistake, however: Landau has always been dedicated to the band, acting as tour manager and booking agent on top of frontman duties, while still finding time to design deck graphics, patches, buttons and stickers. Eliminator is an just extension of his upbringing in the no-fucks-given epicenter of skateboarding.

"Even just being a kid, going into skate shops and looking at shirts and boards I always wanted, I was fascinated by it," Landau says. "Me and my brother would go into skate shops and then we'd go in the dumpster out back, taking snapped boards that they threw away."

The Shrine's DIY aesthetic then comes as no surprise, melding psychedelia with long-haired thrash and booze-soaked punk in a power trio format. A close relationship with Black Flag's Greg Ginn and Chuck Dukowski feeds into their sound, with Dukowski even offering the band unused Black Flag lyrics from the early '80s for The Shrine's upcoming record Bless Off. Such associations come from mutual respect for like-minded boundary breaking.

"I don't know what expectations to have, we don't sound like anything," Landau laughs. "We don't sound like Black Sabbath, we don't sound like Black Flag. We don't sound like anybody else, really, for better or for worse."

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