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The Underground (a.k.a. Nile Basement) Opens Tomorrow Night

There are a few speaker cables needing to be hung, and someone's gotta make some minor adjustments to the soundboard. But other than that, The Underground is just about ready to go.

The downtown Mesa music venue, which is located in the space formerly occupied by the Nile Basement, is staging an open house/soft opening tomorrow night. Vinnie Caruana from I Am The Avalanche will be performing at the event, as will Move Forward, The Gentlemen of Monster Island, and Sharp Sticks.

The folks at Mantooth Group permitted me a sneak peak at the place, and you can peep the pics for yourself right here. They've also booked a massive amount of gigs at the venue over the next couple months, and you can get all the details after the break.

Friday, February 19:
Grand Opening feat. This Century, Crash Coordinates, Austin Gibbs, Augustine, & Mike Goodrick

Saturday, February 20:
Blacklisted, Final Fight, Run With The Hunted, & Life In Chains

Saturday, February 27:
A Storm of Light, Via Vengeance, Hellas Mounds, Tomorrow The Stars, & Sihr

Friday, March 5:
Gwen Stacy, Vanna, Oceana, Dead and Divine, & more

Sunday, March 7:
The Sleeping, This Counts For Everything, The Constellation Branch, The Scenery, & Crash Friday

Monday, March 22:
Keretta, Drone Throne, Sunjane, & more

Sunday, April 4:
Across Tundras, Contact Yourself, & more.

Friday, April 9:
Rocky Loves Emily, Sound The City, This Counts For Everything, & 20 Days Gone

Wednesday, April 14:
In The Midst Of Lions, A Hope For Home, Onward To Olympas, Sharks Never Sleep, & The Recession

Monday, May 24:
End of a Year, Roseau, Cagematch, & more

Wednesday, June 2:
The Carrier, The Bonus Army, & more

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