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This Daily Summer

Respecting a band for being out there and doing its thing in front of strangers night after night is something we take for granted in this evolving music culture. We (myself included) are too quick to judge a band after hearing only one or two songs. We dismiss it as ordinary and lacking innovation. But that is most unfair for those dedicated musicians who are vying for our patronage and appreciation. Phoenix's This Daily Summer may have a corny name (even for an "alternative rock" band) but weren't we taught to never judge a book by its cover? The band brings a fresh twist on a sometimes-stale genre, lead by sugary sweet, perfect pop vocals and arithmetic rock arrangements. These guys aren't building jet-propulsion engines with their music, and this ease translates into music laden with infectious riffs and incredibly enjoyable vocals. I can only imagine the amount of fun This Daily Summer has onstage, giving it everything they have for their fans. That fun is something we should all instantly relish when listening to any band's musical efforts. I'm just glad This Daily Summer makes it seem so damn easy.
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Michael Lopez