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Time Out Lounge Basks in the SXSW Run-Off with Mini-Showcases

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It turns out New Times' contacting Allen was serendipitous -- several SXSW bands are coming through the bar in the coming weeks, either on their way to Austin or dropping by after the festival.

In fact, '60s garage rockers The Sloths are playing tonight -- god bless these dudes, they're like 70 -- before they are swallowed whole by the clusterfuck that is SXSW.

Fifty years after they formed, The Sloths are embarking on their first tour...ever. In a joint release, Burger and Lollipop Records issued Back from the Grave this month, an album that includes eight original tracks, ranging, well, not really any range here, just stripped-down garage rock. Think of Bo Diddley a little too drunk to be fingering his guitar. Clumsy progression, but the good kind of clumsy. The kind of clumsy that is late in all the right places.

Of course, TOL hasn't devoted itself to resurrecting decrepit garage rock from the distant past -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- current garage bands such as Kim and the Created (March 7) and Guantanamo Baywatch (March 13) are dropping in as well.

What's fantastic about Kim House of the Created is she somehow energizes apathy. Hers is the kind of apathy that has fallen into despair. Doo-wop and surf-punk drive the Created's intense songs with the irregular pacing of a pull-string toy struggling to speak. Yeah, it's creepy as fuck and beautiful because of it.

Guantanamo Baywatch revisits the surf-rock of Dick Dale (who himself is coming to Musical Instrument Museum in early April) with a psycho-sexual twitch when they kick off Rampage Fest next Friday.

For those interested in the other SXSW bands touring with The Sloths, Kim and the Created, and Guantanamo Baywatch as they visit the Valley, visit the next page for a comprehensive list of the upcoming shows at Time Out Lounge:

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