Top 10 Metro Phoenix Metal Vocalists

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Brian Herring of Storm of Perception

Storm of Perception derives from Prescott, but the band's story and music is just too good to pass up. The melodic metal outfit is known for Viking helmets and cigar smoking on stage, moves from intricate metal breakdowns to classical keyboard interludes, and for being one of the first acts signed by Alan Niven--the former manager for Guns N Roses and Great White--on his Tru-B-Dor record label. Herring's vocals are high and might, just like a Viking's should be, but with a handful of growls, catchy choruses and aggressive sweeping screams thrown in.

Delk Vader from Eroticide

Death/black metal band Eroticide is known for extremely theatrical and controversial stage shows and lyrics. We're talking sliced up naked females and nuns beheaded with a chainsaw on stage. Oh yeah, and with perversion, sodomy, murder, art and revenge listed among the band's influences, it's not surprising that frontman Delk Vader wears a strap-on penis that emits blood and semen. But what he lacks in manners, Vader makes up for with his range spanning deep guttural growls, borderline sensual speaking interludes, and high-pitched melodic singing and aggressive vocals dripping with bitterness and condescension.

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