Top 20 Animated GIFs of Wet Electric Patrons Raging

The enormous wave pool at Tempe's Big Surf hosted more than just doggy paddles and belly flops during Wet Electric this past week. It was a giant twerkin, Harlem Shakin' mass as local EDM fans raved, raged, and unleashed incalculable amounts of fist-pumps and ass-bumps in the shallow water while DJs like Sharaam and Eric Prydz rained down bass and beats from the elevated stage atop dry land.

We captured some of the water-logged Harlem Shakery and sweaty splash-dancing for your perusal and amusement in the following 20 animated GIFs.

 photo MOV01950_zps487fae11.gif Major Rager She's happy to personify her tank-top to a T, but she'll shoot you down in a heartbeat.

 photo MOV01942_zpse2302857.gif The Surf Strut Even the Messiah himself didn't look this cool whilst walking across the water.

 photo MOV01962_zpsf9d5c7ad.gif Occupy Big Surf We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We are party monsters. (Basically everybody on 4chan looks like this.)

 photo MOV01932_zps5c21d87c.gif Douse Party Some twerkers go the water-cooling route.  photo MOV01939_zps07eae8f8.gif Woah, bro! Dude's got some moves, and it doesn't matter if his buddy gets in the way of them.

 photo MOV01955_zps71abf777.gif Totally Money Guess any sort of dancing goes well with EDM. Extra points for the dip.

 photo MOV01951_zps6bd5797c.gif When Bro Hugs Go Bad Don't mess with the melon, duder.

 photo MOV01957_zps7aaa731e.gif Splashes of Greatness Why wave pools make better dance floors than dance floors.  photo MOV01954_zps3c0c71bd.gif Gator Done This dude knows how to croc.

 photo MOV01936_zps6a647f6c.gif Slap Happy Gotta keep the beat any way you can, even if it's low-fiving the water

 photo MOV01959_zpsd286944b.gif Muscle Beach Every other male patron at Wet Electric may as well have been wearing a bikini compared to this chiseled trio.

 photo MOV01928_zps28458b6f.gif Pretty in Pink She's got better bumps then a Sharam track.  photo MOV01935_zps9c324ca6.gif No, You're the Man Giving hopping props to Swanky Tunes

 photo MOV01961_zpsa20c6448.gif Billy Idol Would Be Proud ...cause he's dancing with himself

 photo MOV01943_zps3365210b.gif At First I Was Like... ...But Then I LOL'd

 photo MOV01977_zpsf9cb05d4.gif The Shamu Shimmu When killer whales meet killer drops.  photo MOV01974_zps8d1d47eb.gif Follicle Frolicker Slick moves and chest hair to spare

 photo MOV01990_zps001beb8b.gif Glowstick Guru He's like a one-man lightsaber fight

 photo MOV01989_zpsf404a413.gif The High Life Getting down atop the concrete barrier; five seconds later security told him to really get the fuck down.

 photo MOV01979_zps979906e7.gif ADHD and EDM We either wanna party with this guy, or take out a restraining order.

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