Top 5 Concerts in Metro Phoenix This Week

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The Decibel Magazine Tour - Monday, March 24 - The Pressroom

It's hard not to love a band that combines British extreme metal with an instantly gag-worthy name such as Carcass, no matter how on-again, off-again the band may be. The act, known for gruesome album art and morbid lyrics, is regarded as a pioneer of grindcore and -- in the case of 1993's Heartwork -- melodic death metal. (And did we mention that Carcass even was asked to remix a Björk's 1996 song called "Isobel"?) In the 11 years after forming in Liverpool in 1985, the band released five uneven albums, concluding with 1996's Swansong.

The group never toured upon its release and Carcass unceremoniously called it quits until reconvening in 2007 for three years of touring. And in late 2013, Carcass, now with only Jeff Walker (bass/vocals) and Bill Steer (guitar/vocals) as remaining original members, released Surgical Steel, an energetic return to form. Besides Carcass being a group of brilliant badasses, the band's Phoenix engagement is notable for being one of the first shows at downtown's highly anticipated venue The Pressroom, which, among other things, has an awesome setup for moshing. -- Lauren Wise

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