Top 5 Concerts in Metro Phoenix This Weekend

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Orbweaver - Saturday, March 1 - Yucca Tap Room

Given how the tropes of Satan, darkness and destruction have been run into the ground, the number of metal bands that have a truly terrifying sound is dwindling. Miami quartet Orbweaver remain part of that exclusive club. Their brand of schizophrenic death metal plays like the soundtrack to an intense psychedelic trip that ultimately takes a turn toward the demonic.

Lead guitarist Sally Gates steers the band through hypnotic arrangements equally packed with sludgy heaviness and off-kilter time signatures. Just as you begin to get comfortable and lose yourself in the otherworldly riffs, vocalist Randy Piro begins screaming maniacally about how the cosmic spaceship is doomed, and if you don't launch the escape pod in time, you'll get lost in the trip forever ... or something like that. The title of their 2013 release, Strange Transmissions From the Neuralnomicon, is surprisingly appropriate. -- Jason Roche

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