Top 5 Concerts in Metro Phoenix This Weekend

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Vial of Sound - Sunday, March 1 - Crescent Ballroom

We're living in the golden age of musical fetishism. Call it the byproduct of Jack White's obsessively vinyl/analog warpath or call it resistance to the way digital distribution has dehumanized the musical process. Whatever the cause, it's never been more fashionable to covet "old school" objects: records, hi-fi equipment, cassettes.

In the case of Josh Gooday and David Owens, the duo comprising synth-pop band Vial of Sound, what started as a hobby in law school bloomed into a full-blown obsession: The two create and perform their music with vintage analog synthesizers. Unlike so much retro stuff, synths aren't the sort of thing you can pick up at the mall or Urban Outfitters.

But it quickly became more. As other connoisseurs of vintage synths Com Truise and Tycho have said, collecting these instruments can get addicting. Once you start, Gooday explains, you don't want to taint the sound with even a little digital. Before long, Gooday was blowing his college funds on synthesizers.

"In my old band, I played drums and keys, a digital keyboard," Gooday says. But the lure of thick and warm sounds drew him in. "When you read on the Internet all the hype, analog sounds better, punchier." -- Troy Farah

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