Top 5 Concerts in Phoenix This Week

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Petty Things - Wednesday, April 2 - Last Exit Live

When the Big One finally smacks Southern California and tosses Orange County and surrounding blemishes into the ocean, Arizona will get some brand-new beachfront property. This is great news for surf rock bands like Petty Things (no relation to the Wisconsin Tom Petty cover band), four dudes with an ear for lo-fi garage dirges. It makes sense the band came of age on cassette-loving local label Rubber Brother Records. Think your hangovers are bad? Then you never "Woke Up a Skeleton," a track that gleefully courts death, while "Bored" describes being so uninterested that you start murdering strangers on the street.

Petty Things expertly channel insecurity and apathy on "My Mind" and "Feel," where guitarist Jordan Owens croons about not knowing what's real anymore. But much of Petty Things' appeal comes across in their jangly, oceanside jams, such as the titular track of their album, Chasing the Sun, and "Sleep All Day," which borrows the ambience from King Missile's "Detachable Penis." For a band that's been around less than a year, Petty Things have a tight-knit sound and a solid grip on the direction they want. We can't wait to grab a board and catch some waves with them. Surf's up. -- Troy Farah

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