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Kanye West - US Airways Center - Tuesday, December 10

If Kanye West is sane, he's kind of a bore, and if he's insane, all the fun we had over "Bound 2" and its incomprehensible Yanni-presents-softcore-pornography music video seems kind of mean, in hindsight. That's what it means to be a long-suffering Kanye West fan in 2013--if you grew to admire him for the morality-seeker lyrics of The College Dropout or the maximalist "pop art" of Graduation and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or even the existential angst of 808s and Heartbreak, the Yeezus era, where the angst and the grandiose sense of self have congealed into a bitter, self-satisfied paranoia, hasn't been especially easy to sit through.

10 Kanye West Songs Amazingly Not About Kanye West

But we sit through it anyway, all of us--not just because "Heard 'Em Say" and "All of the Lights" were so perfect but because even in Rick Rubin's Minimalist Artistic Statement Factory he produced songs as unshakeable as "On Sight" and "Bound 2" itself. I have no idea what Kanye is saying or thinking, at this point, and it's gotten so opaque that I'm increasingly unsure he ever did in the first place. But even when he's saying nothing, he's great at saying it. And we keep waiting because eventually he'll find something as interesting as his own warped fame to talk about again.

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