Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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The Black Moods - Last Exit Live - Wednesday, November 27

Watching certain bands it becomes obvious that they've put every dollar they earn back into their career. It's a slow investment, and a risky one, but Tempe's Black Moods, recently back from a national tour, have as good a chance as any band of seeing it pay off. And that payoff can be huge when musicians devote as much time and energy toward their art as singer and guitarist Josh Kennedy, bassist Ryan Prier, and drummer Danny "Chico" Diaz have done. Rock and roll enthusiasts, they keep crowds on their feet and the air full of cheers when they take the stage night after night.

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Their wailing guitar work, combined with pounding percussion and rhythmic bass, sync up seamlessly with their sharp vocal range and catchy hooks. Their reputation continues to expand with every appearance; the band has recently been selected as one of a few local Phoenix acts to play at the inaugural True Music Festival in December. Before that, though--and after a string of shows and charity events up and down I-10-- they'll make an appearance at one of their favorite stop-offs in Phoenix, Last Exit Live. -- Caleb Haley

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