Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Capsula - Rogue Bar, Scottsdale - Friday, November 29

Heaps of folks adore David Bowie, but your Aladdin Sane game has to live on a higher level to compete with Capsula's kind of worship. The Argentina natives and Bilbao, Spain residents took inspiration for their Spanish-language name from "capsule" because the English word appears in Bowie's 1969 classic "Space Oddity." They partially credit the group's 1998 formation to the man, too: Guitarist/singer Martin Guevera was once deeply smitten with Bowie's The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust and bassist/vocalist Coni Duchess with Lou Reed's Transformer when, as Duchess recalled, "the influence of those albums made us meet and fall in love." In 2011, the group performed the entirety of Ziggy Stardust in Spain. Even Solar Secrets, Capsula's latest full-length, was made with the aid of Bowie producer Tony Visconti.

All this said, Solar Secrets houses scruffy, psychedelicized garage rock that's traditionally more in tune with Iggy Pop than David Bowie. Quick-tempo rock 'n' roll scorchers like "Blind" and "Dark Age" share space with the woozy dive into tie-dyed distortion that is "Birds of Woods." If Solar Secrets' existence truly attests to anything, it's the continuing interest in creating garage rock worldwide, as Capsula have joined the ranks of Los Monstruos (from Mexico), Monotonix (Israel) and The Clean (New Zealand.) -- Reyan Ali

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