Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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The Hill in Mind - Crescent Ballroom - Tonight

There are weird bands everywhere, probably, and if I clicked around Bandcamp enough I'd find them, but this isn't a contest, so I'll just say that Phoenix produces a lot of delightfully weird but also unequivocally poppy music, and I enjoy listening to it.

The Hill in Mind, whose self-titled EP came out just last month, is another arrow in that particular quiver, playing herky-jerky, dense guitar music that goes in a new direction on every song. "Spider-Shirt" will leave you thinking ELO, "Fall.E" Matthew Sweet, "Buckwheat" Paul McCartney and Wings(!) and so on, with all four songs eventually combining to leave you thinking of nothing at all.

Eventually those sounds will probably coalesce into something else entirely. But this is the rare band whose development is fun to listen to for its own sake.

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Dan Moore