Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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The Woodworks - The Rogue Bar - Friday, February 7

We're fairly certain that you've heard The Prodigy's 1997 chartbuster "Smack My Bitch Up" at least once or twice by now. But have you ever heard it being covered by a live folk/rock/blues band? Probably not, which is why the excellent rendition of the big beat-era track that's often performed by local band The Woodworks is worth a listen, as is the rest of their spirited folk- and blues-laced rock 'n' roll offerings.

The Tempe three-piece's profoundly diverse sound is backed by the quirky vocals of its male and female singers and runs the gamut from melancholic to upbeat (especially in the fantastic "Slave Driver") and even crosses over into "thrash folk" and gypsy-ish territory. As The Woodworks themselves say on their Facebook:

It's not rock and roll, but it rocks! It's not folk, but doing a jig feels natural! It's not blues, but we occasionally pour our souls into repeated 12 bar phrases! It's not indi/alternative, but we'll drink pbr if the budgit [sic] is tight!

You can hear much of this either on their new album Safe Mode or at Friday night's release party for said disc at the Rogue Bar, which will also feature Banana Gun, Sasquanaut, DeadFoxx, and The Rolling Blackouts. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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