Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Mouse Powell - Club Red, Tempe - Saturday, December 7

Emcee and Phoenix staple Mouse Powell will take to the stage at Tempe's Club Red Saturday night to celebrate the release of These Are The Good Times, a $3000 Kickstarter project that's morphed into a star-studded local snapshot. Besides Powell, the record features Jason Devore of Authority Zero, Andres Rodriguez of The Veragroove and Christina Moore from Where are All The Buffalo, along with Captain Squeegee's Danny Torgersen on the trumpet.

The end result is one of the most eclectic, diverse hip-hop albums released anywhere this year. For the release party Powell will welcome Torgersen as well as all of The Veragroove to back him up while he lays down These Are The Good Times in its entirety. Powell, one of the purveyors of Phoenix's long-running hip hop night The Blunt Club, has plenty of experience putting on a great show, and his collaborators will only make this one bigger. Also playing on Powell's big night are Playboy Manbaby, GLDN GHST, Cash and the Ref, and Wax Society. -- Jeff Moses

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