Top 5 Phoenix Concerts This Week

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The Colourist - Wednesday, March 5 - Rhythm Room

It's disarming to see a band from Orange County spell their name with the U.K. spelling of the word "colorist." Maybe it's a warning sign to some obnoxious level of pretentiousness, like an American affecting an accent after marrying a Brit, Gwyneth Paltrow-style. Thankfully, there's nothing too ostentatious in the Colourist's music: uptempo pop rock destined to spark an intellectual dance party.

The Colourist came together last October. Guitarist Adam Castilla and drummer Maya Tuttle were both in the band Paper Thin Walls, who in late 2007 won the "Dream Gig" contest, with the prize being a spot playing the VIP after-party following Led Zeppelin's December 2007 reunion concert in London. Perhaps that exposure helped the Colourist (rounded out by bassist Kollin Johannsen and Justin Wagner; all four members sing) to attract the kind of early success they've had so far. -- Albert Ching

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