Top 6 Must-See Phoenix Concerts This Weekend

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Panic! At The Disco - Friday, February 14 - Marquee Theatre

For those turning up their noses at the idea of Panic! at the Disco still hitting the road nearly 10 years after the band's peak popularity, it's worth noting that all the band's stateside dates on this tour cycle are sold out. Clearly, there's no denying that we still love reveling in the days of TRL and the theatrical pop-punk of Panic! and bands of its ilk.

Weathering lineup changes and stylistic changes (and the resultant backlash of rabid fans) over its decade-long existence, the Las Vegas-based act is returning with a new emphasis on Fall Out Boy-esque dance-ready beats and choral treatments, but with the same grandiose stage presence that's been the band's hallmark since its breakout hit record A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (2005).

Since then, frontman Brendan Urie and his reconstituted Panic! has adjusted well to the changing winds of popular music, growing along with its fans while maintaining a mirror-polished pop sheen. For those of us who remember seeing the band perform in arenas, watching them play in theater-size venues (this time with supporting act Junior Prom) gives us Panic! on a more intimate level. The teenager in us will be grinning like crazy. -- K.C. Libman

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