Top 6 Must-See Phoenix Concerts This Weekend

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The Lawrence Arms - Friday, February 14 - Pub Rock

You have no excuse to miss this weekend's The Lawrence Arms show, Valentine's Day be damned. Having last graced the Phoenix area with its presence in 2009 while touring in support of Buttsweat and Tears, it's been a spell since The Larry Arms were in our neck of the woods. In the interim, the band (mostly) grew up -- bassist/vocalist Brendan Kelly may now be a father, but his shenanigans still continue through social media and being one of the few musicians who truly performs better drunk.

Half the fun of a Lawrence Arms show is listening to the band's hilarious stage banter between rapid-fire mid-tempo punk songs with dual vocals. TLA's first full-length in nine years, Metropole, was worth the wait and features some of the band's best songwriting to date.

It may take a few listens to appreciate Metropole, but like the band's previous releases, it shows their growth and offers a sound atypical for a Lawrence Arms release. Songs like "Chilean District" and "Drunk Tweets" will get a crowd moving, while the lyrics really shine through songs such as "Paradise Shitty" and "October Blood." The Lawrence Arms kick off their first west coast tour in five years at Pub Rock Live on Friday, and the fact that it's on Valentine's Day will surely result in some bad jokes by Kelly. -- Melissa Fossum

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