Top Five Concerts To See This Weekend, 5/9 - 5/11

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Sin-O-Rama - Palazzo - Friday, May 9

By our count, the DJ duo of Defense.Mekanizm and Self.Destrukt have violated at least four of the seven deadly sins (pride, gluttony, wrath, and -- most importantly -- lust) during the debaucherous dance nights they've hosted around town, In other words, the pair is more than qualified to put on an event like Sin-O-Rama, their newest party, which launches Friday, May 9, at Palazzo, 710 North Central Avenue. Those planning to attend should leave their inhibitions at the door, as the decadent nighttime bacchanal, which will take place on the second Friday of every month and offer fetishistic delights aplenty. Night crawlers dressed as nuns, priests, schoolgirls, and pleather-clad princesses grind on each other on the dance floor while Defense.Mekanizm and Self.Destrukt spin industrial, goth, dark electro, and other dark sounds. Needless to say, the dress code will skew toward the freakish and fetishistic, with bondage wear, rubber, vinyl, and other outrageous apparel being encouraged. Drink special will be available until 2 a.m. when the party goes 18-and-over. Doors open at 9 p.m. and won't close until 4 a.m. See --Benjamin Leatherman

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