Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Title Fight - Nile Theater, Mesa - Monday, September 23

It might as well be a prerequisite for modern melodic hardcore and mid-tempo punk bands to say they were influenced by '90s emo and hardcore. Most musicians favor one sound to another, but Title Fight pays homage to its roots by pairing the rapid-fire vocal fury of someone like Jason Shevchuk or Kevin Seconds with the musical intricacies of Braid or Mineral.

Title Fight's catalog is full of plenty of fast, upbeat, and sing along-friendly songs in the vein of contemporaries such as The Menzingers or Joyce Manor, all the while still bringing plenty of variety to the table. The demure "Head in the Ceiling Fan" features a slow and steady build that erupts on Floral Green's following track, "Make You Cry," which sounds a bit like Strike Anywhere or early Rise Against. Title Fight has been performing for nearly a decade, but finally hit its stride in 2011, when the band signed to SideOneDummy Records. Two full-length albums and a bunch of EPs later, the band now has the means to tour internationally, proving that the punk, emo, and hardcore combo not only can work, but sounds great when done properly. -- Melissa Fossum

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