Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Vial of Sound - Last Exit Live - Friday, September 20

The way Vial of Sound produces, distributes, and performs its music is nearly as interesting as the music itself. That would be a backhanded compliment if the music weren't good, and the production and distribution weren't so interesting. In order: Vial of Sound uses vintage, analog synthesizers exclusively to produce its vintage synth-pop albums.

They distributed two recent singles, "A Lifetime Passed" and "The Day We Both Died," with music videos that have found an entirely new audience on Vimeo, where one was named a Staff pick. And they perform with a video synthesizer that makes each show into a bespoke visual experience.

Few bands in the Valley feel so deliberate in everything they do, and it pays off in a way that enhances the experience of their music, instead of distracting from it. Friday they're opening for Moving Units, Californians who use more conventional instrumentation--guitars and drums, some of them probably made in the last 30 years--to get crowds dancing.

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