Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Yes - Celebrity Theatre - July 9

Being a rock fan in the early '70s meant never knowing a year when rock wasn't moving forward -- when newer and bolder innovations weren't always just around the corner.

Yes took the burgeoning progressive rock movement further -- and with a longer running time -- than anyone else had dared to before. Album-side suites, cosmic lyrics inspired by yogis, circular chanting, odd time signatures, squiggly synth sounds -- if there was a glass ceiling to this thing we still called rock, Yes was going to smash through it. Some said prog rock was excessive. Well, so was going to the moon -- but someone had to try, and thank goodness Yes got us there musically, bless its starship-trooper heart.

Read our full Yes feature and interview with Steve Howe.

"Everyone has to do their homework before heading into rehearsals," Steve Howe tells us. "You have to dazzle up the part, you have to study the arrangement on the record -- that's your Bible, and you learn it very thoroughly with no compromise."

"Because," he says, with some severity, "there will be questions." --Serene Dominic

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