Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Jackson Difé - Last Exit Live - July 9

Jackson Difé -- named for the main character of their songs, surprisingly enough -- plays riff-y, reflective rock that might remind you of the parts of the late-'90s post-grunge era you liked -- the appealing, straightforward frustration that launched a million Rob Thomas singles, the not-quite-bluesy not-quite-breakdown in "Left Over Drive," even the Pearl-Jammy way in which some songs seem to terminate, having exhausted the possibility of actual lyrics, in an appropriate-sounding yowl.

Rock history is punctuated by movements that wore out their welcome not because they were never interesting, but because repetition and the calculated hangers-on wrung all the interesting out of them. Jackson Difé finds what was admirable in the heavy and jammy pop-rocks of the '90s and pulls it together into something novel and interesting.

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