Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Hip Don't Dance - Trunk Space - June 12

Hip Don't Dance's Facebook about page has the Tucson natives playing something called "No holds, bar bell, neo-alternative, hangover punk," which is as much a genre as anything else, I guess.

Their 2011 The Library EP--you can find it on Bandcamp--reads as hangover punk only inasmuch as it fights the natural urge to follow up the excesses and mistakes it details with a retreat to a dark room to sleep and drink coffee.

What happens instead is a not-quite-acoustic forced march through the worlds they draw--they're going to confront the mistakes they made even if it... well, not even if it kills them, but even if they have to aggravate that nasty headache they woke up with. Supporting at Trunk Space: Green Line Operator.

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