Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Pelvic Meatloaf - Club Red - Saturday, October 5

There's something to be said for a local band having the gall to throw a CD-release party in 1995. "Before that," laughs Rich Fourmey, "everything was a tape-release party. So we said, to hell with it. We're gonna shell out thousands of dollars and have a CD." It's the kind of stunt that's hard to forget. So is the name of the band that pulled it: Pelvic Meatloaf, which has been around ever since.

That longevity isn't the result of an unshakeable name or longtime independence or the supporting slots they've played with metal legends across the country. What it comes down to is the machine-gun double bass, violent mosh pits, and brutal instrumentals. Pelvic Meatloaf's music recalls the days of '80s thrash metal: dirty, fast-paced groove metal, and, of course, Penthouse forum letters.

"We had some time off because I did some prison time, and then we just decided to get together to do a reunion show when I got out," says Fourmy. "We played a show and it went over really well, so we thought we might as well start writing new music."

The Stronger Than You release party is set for Saturday, October 5, at Club Red alongside an array of bands that usually spend the weekends headlining their own shows -- [Sic]monic, Virulent, Killing Sprees, Vivicide, and more. -- Lauren Wise

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