Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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John Williams - Symphony Hall - Saturday, September 28

John Williams is hands down the most successful movie composer of all time. Whether or not he is the greatest is up for debate--Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman are also fantastic--but Williams is definitely ranked among the best of the best. His soundtracks are part of what makes Steven Spielberg's films so iconic. But not just Spielberg's; Darth Vader's "I am your father" is only as memorable as Star Wars' opening theme. The Jaws theme is one of the few songs that is instantly recognizable after two notes. Few songs are more triumphant than the the one playing underneath Raiders of the Lost Ark.

John Williams' rare live performance not only features his iconic film scores, but an appearance from none other than Steven Spielberg himself. The film scores will play in sync with a large video screen that projects the corresponding scenes, so expect plenty of Indiana Jones, E.T, Jaws, and more. Spielberg and Williams probably have their hands tied with Jurassic Park 4, making this one-time performance even more special. Better yet, all of the proceeds will benefit The Phoenix Symphony's Education and Community Outreach Program. -- Melissa Fossum

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